About Guter Hund

As the pet mom to 2 golden retrievers and a toy fox terrier, I know what it means to love and cherish your pets.

Not only are they loyal companions, but they are beloved family members. Having high quality, functional and unique pet accessories, furniture and goods for your home and daily active lifestyle are essential.

Guter Hund was born from a problem I discovered-  I had a difficult time finding quality items that were functional for daily life, attractive, and at a good price point. Its my goal to be your go to place for all unique and beautifully functional products.

We are constantly striving to deliver you a great product, great service and at a great price. Items like these are not easy to find locally, as I  discovered. I did the footwork for you, sourcing items I love and have or would put in my own home.  I hope you enjoy them as much as my fur family and I do.